The Stebbins Ancestral Society was formed to assist descendants of the “Stebbins Family” find the contents of their own family tree.

In Memoriam

It is with sadness that we report Captain Rod Stebbins passed away on May 21, 2010. The Stebbins Society would not have existed if not for Captain Rod. There was a handful of us that Rod pulled together many years ago to start a discussion group that emerged as the Stebbins Ancestral Society. Rod was the keeper of information and the person who spent endless hours, days and months entering data into the database. He would always require paper communication of family lines to avoid any error and contamination of that database. In addition to the endless hours entering material, he spent equally as many hours talking to and helping cousins with their respective lines. And, they always received the same invitation — “come visit me, I have plenty of room.” We will miss him – the Stebbins Ancestral Society will never be quite the same without him. However, we must remember, every time we open the Cuz file that Rod’s hand is still involved.

Paul Truax

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Descendants of Rowland Stebbins