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Rowland Stebbins
The supposed ancestor of all the
name in america, came from
the west of England to
Springfield with his sons
John & Thomas, about 1668
removed to Northampton
& there died 1671.

Daniel Stebbins

of the 6 generation from

Thomas was born April 2, 1766

So states the granite monument erected by Daniel Stebbins within in his family's burying ground in 1840. (Greenlee, VI, pg 56)

The Stebbins name, a corruption of the original Stebbing (see note 1), is found in records as variously Stabinge, Stebin, Stibing, Stepping, and Stebbinge (Greenlee, pg 14), among others. As to why our family line is Stebbins--the ending G becoming an S, no one knows. It has been suggested that the Old English "g" looked much like an "s." However, this is merely speculation, and 400 years after the first Stebbins came to the British colonies, the reasoning for this change is unlikely to emerge.

Our founding Stebbins, Rowland, took passage on the good ship Francis in 1634 with his wife Sarah Whiting and their children Thomas, Sarah, John and Elizabeth, landing circa 1635 in or near Boston. From there they moved to Roxbury. In 1639 the family moved on to Springfield, and Rowland settled circa 1668 in Northampton, Sarah having passed in 1649. Rowland Stebbins died in Northampton 14 December 1671.

1) Edmunds, Flavell: Traces of History in the Names of Places (1872)

Steeb, Step, Steeping, Stibbing, Stib E. stib, the bole or trunk of a tree, from stipes, Latin, Ex: Stebb-ing (Essex), bole meadow; Stepn-ey (Midd.), the pool or water by the bole; Steep-ing (Linc.), bole meadow; Stibbard (Norf.), Stibbing-ton (Haunts). (pg 288)

Ing, a field near water [Norse] (pg 29)


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