Membership in the Stebbins Ancestral Society is open to all connected cousins.


To see if you are a connected cousin, please contact Paul Truax(wiwilla @ aol .com) to start the process of connecting your family line with to the known descendants of Rowland Stebbins. You will need to gather as much of your family (Stebbins) line, with as many verified birth, marriage, and death dates, etc. as possible. (Please note, we really do like paper!)


Once a connection has been confirmed, you will be invited to join the Stebbins Ancestral Society. At this point, all and any information you may have will be added to our common database, along with any notes, photographs, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and the like, you may wish to have included. You will also be invited to join our discussion forum. There is no membership fee and no forum fee.

There is a fee of $25, however, to purchase a copy of the complete Cousins Database on CD, which will include your information (and YOU). The Cousins Database is ONLY available to connected cousins.

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