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Some History of the Stebbins Ancestral Society...

The accumulation of the Stebbins genealogy began over 100 years ago in the form of a two volume set of books published in 1904 entitled The Stebbins Genealogy. The authors of this work were Ralph Stebbins Greenlee and his brother Robert Lemuel Greenlee. Very few of these original books are still in existence. Copies of this set can be obtained as reprints and is available on CD. (Editor's Note: the Greenlee material was digitized in 2008 and is now available in Portable Document Format--PDF, for which one will need Adobe Acrobat Reader--through the American Libraries Internet Archives. See Greenlee Volume I, and Greenlee Volume II.)

Rodney Jerome Stebbins Sr. started accumulating pieces of his family in 1958 with his grandmother Myrtle Martha Carr. Very little was amassed until 1977 when Rod read a newspaper article about Deerfield, Massachusetts, and the Stebbins House. Rod and his wife traveled to Deerfield and learned of the Indian Wars and the Raid of 1704. During that trip Rod's interest was piqued when he saw a door from the 1704 Raid through which a hole had been chopped and a gun fired, killing a Stebbins girl. It was soon after this trip that a genealogist from the Massachusetts Historical Society contacted Rod and told him of his connection with Rowland Stebbins.

The first Stebbins Ancestral Society website was established in 1998. At which point, Rod began his quest to generate a database containing all known connections to Rowland Stebbins. By 2002, with the help of the Greenlee books, documents discovered via the now burgeoning Internet and Family Tree Maker, Rod had created a digital database for Rowland's descendants. By December of that same year, Stebbins Cousins were hard at work accumulating lineages of Stebbins Cousins.

As of December 2008 the database of Stebbins Cousins has grown to a total of 79,331 individuals with 28,362 marriages and 330, 163 text entries.

In 2000 our Cousins Forum was added


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